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NReco is a technology that supports model driven and component based development of ASP.NET applications.

What NReco can do for you?

  • reduce development cost up to 10x for typical functionality of business web applications, website administration areas etc
  • effective reuse process either inside big/long-running project or between several projects
  • get ready-to-use technology stack for product lines development
With NReco you can build various web applications quickly and inexpensively; it is suitable both for small web projects and complex cloud solutions.

NReco Technology Includes

  • component infrastructure based on XML-configurable IoC container
  • lightweight infrastructure for defining and transforming XML-based domain specific models
  • mature meta-models for defining data layer and WebForms-based UI using extensible and easy to use XML models
  • application generation approach suitable for build cost-effective product-lines
  • Generate NReco Application online

More Information

Standalone NReco Components

Projects based on NReco Framework

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